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Introduction to Ayurveda

for Self-Healing

A 2-week Beginners Deep-Dive Ayurvedic Coaching Series 


Designed and delivered by Ayurvedic Practitioner and Educator Faith Warner, M.CM, PGCert (ed), B.Sc

Have you been you feeling off kilter for some time but not sure why?

Has the doctor said you are "fine”, but you know something isn't quite right?

Perhaps you have a long-term health condition that was recently diagnosed or is getting worse?

Or maybe you are just looking to unlock your full potential through greater health and well-being?

If you can say yes to any of these then this course is for you!



Course Overview


This 2-week Live Online Health and Well-being Coaching Series aims to introduce you to the deeply healing and empowering principles of Ayurveda.

Learning Objectives

During this course you will learn exactly what Ayurveda is and why it has been used for over 5,000 years to prevent and manage disease.

Over the course of 10 hours, live with Faith, you will be supported by a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner to decipher your own mind-body constitution, what imbalances you may have, what the root causes of imbalances might be as well as how to harness Ayurveda for self-healing through food, diet, lifestyle, home detoxification, rejuvenation and care of the mind. This is not just a course, is a chance for your to learn, experience and apply to your own unique life, with feedback.

Course structure

The course will take place over 5 evenings in 2 weeks at 17:30 -19:30. If you are unable to attend all of the sessions, you will be able to watch the recording whenever is convenient for you.

Practical learning is at the heart of this series. During the week, we will put you at the centre of the learning process, involving you in interactive and insightful activities and optional sharing and a chance to ask questions and share experiences with like minded self-healers.

Who should attend?

This is an Introductory series suitable for anyone with little or no knowledge of Ayurveda and holistic wellness but feel it calls to them and feels the urge to learn more. The course is best suited for women who are looking to understand themselves, and their health, more deeply for the purposes of self-development, greater well-being and in supporting the well-being of their friends and family.


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Ayurveda - What it is and how it works
Prakriti - Your unique bio-energetic mind-body constitution and how this shapes your life and health

Vikriti - Imbalanced mind-body constitution and understanding signs and symptoms

Agni - Digestive fire and symptoms of imbalance, how they develop and how to clear them

Pathya Ahara - Using food as medicine including food qualities and how to eat for your constitution, your imbalances and the season for maximum health

Dina and rtu charya - Using Ayurvedic daily and seasonal routines for health

Detoxification - The what, when, why and how of home cleansing (+ FREE 30-page guide)

Sattvajaya - Care of the mind with Ayurveda


What will the series cover?