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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Promoting health, preventing disease and empowering action with Ayurveda




At AyurLife, our vision is ambitious yet simple – we aim to initiate a global culture change in health and wellbeing by putting daily and seasonal living, nutrition, holistic remedies, detoxification therapies and mind management at the heart of daily living.


"We believe that true well-being isn’t just a possibility, but is your birth right. More importantly, we know that when empowered action is directed by empowered understanding, a true revolution of mind and body can take place"


Furthermore, we are passionate about bringing Ayurveda’s ancient healing wisdom into modern life, applying its complex philosophies in a simple way that suits your life today.


For this reason, we have created unique coaching programmes and courses to help you not only to understand your own health but to know how to make the best choices for you, in a way that suits you, for life.


We promise to work tirelessly to achieve our vision because we believe that

everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy, long, fulfilled life with purpose.



  1. Empowerment for all: We believe that by showing you how to use Ayurvedic self-healing tools, you will be empowered to manage your own health and prevent disease so you can live a longer, happier, healthier more fulfilling life with purpose.

  2. Challenging the norms: We aim to inspire you to have the courage to do things differently to the ‘norm’ so you can achieve total well-being

  3. Putting health and well-being at the centre of life: We are passionate about restoring the wisdom that HEALTH is WEALTH

  4. Innovation: We are always looking for pioneering new ways to integrate Ayurveda into contemporary living effectively and efficiently, without losing authenticity

  5. To work as a community: Ayurveda does not belong to any one person but is for all, no matter the skill or budget. Ayurvedic knowledge and support were always intended for translation and sharing

  6. Non-judgemental integration: We promise to meet those starting their Ayurveda journey exactly where they are now, without judgement and with loving support


Stones of Meaning

A few last words...

As we are a new company, inspiring an old movement in a new world, our mission, vision and values may be subject to small tweaks as we grow. Thats said, the true essence of what we hope to achieve with you will always remain the same.

"We believe creating a microcosm for the world we want to live in will lead us to a brighter future."


We hope this all resonates with you and that you find yourself wanting to join the journey into Ayurveda.

We hope to speak with you soon!

Faith and the AyurLife Team x

Live the Higher Life with AyurLife  - Ancient Healing for Modern LiviNG

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