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Ayurvedic Detox Recipes

Ayurvedic Detox foods

As we all know, our amazing bodies come expertly equipped with a number of clever little organs that ensure we are continually able to detoxify naturally; the kidneys remove unwanted waste in our urine, the liver cleanses the blood breaking down metabolic waste products and the spleen works daily to purge toxic material scavenged, and extracted, by the lymphatics and immune cells.


Burnt out

Majority of the time, these organs do a great job; however, when we put our mind-body systems under excessive strain over a long period of time (such as long-term stress, over eating, excess drinking, use of any non-herbal drugs, or repeated infections) these clever little organs become fatigued, stagnant, weakened and generally less efficient. It is for this reason that Ayurveda recommends a regular detox as part of an annual self-care regime for maintenance of health.


Regimens can be anything from eating a lighter diet or fasting for a few days, all the way through to a fully immersive 12-week panchakarma programme. Whether you go little or you go large, making time for yourself by implementing Ayurvedic detox techniques does wonders for the mind and body.

But what is detox really?


It's fairly straight forward, detox is about giving your system a break from heavy hard to digest foods, harsh chemicals, alcohol and drugs and instead using lighter fresh foods, healing herbs and rest/relaxation. Using these together boosts your bodies natural detoxification processes, reduces the amount of toxic material and inflammatory bodies in the bloodstream,  encourages and supports tissue and organ regeneration, increases vitality, improves immunity and prevents disease or the worsening of current conditions.

Every little helps

You might be thinking "... wait did she say 12 WEEK programme?" - Yes, for Ayurveda newbies this can sound rather daunting (and we agree, it's not for the faint-hearted) but it doesn't have to start there, even just 1 day can make a difference (though we suggest 3 to 5). So if you are looking for a little self-care and repair and want to start with the basics we highly recommend the recipes below to get you started.


Its time to get green!


V =P - K =

Clean Beets N Greens Kitchari

Beets 'n' Greens keep you fresh and clean! Struggling with Acne? Skin rashes? Volcanic eruptions of emotions? Or excess weight and digestive issues! It sounds like you could do with a gut and liver cleanse! What better (and more delicious) way to promote natural cleansing than with Faith's Beet n Greens Kitchari. Perfect all year round but is absolutely QUEEN come Spring Cleanse season.

V - P - K -

All-Seasons Simple Tridoshic Kitchari

Ayurveda's ultimate healing food - kitchari - also known as a hug in a bowl is a soothing combination of soft mung dhal and rice mixed with digestive spices, vegetables and healthy fats. Kitchari is delicious, easy to digest, suitable for for all dosha, low in calorie, high in fibre, Agni strengthening and gut cleansing.

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