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About AyurLife FoundEr


Faith Warner

Hello self-healing seekers!

A warm welcome to AyurLife from me, the Founder, Faith Warner


So glad you are here....Why?....Well, grab a cuppa and let me tell you my story....

"I believe, no matter who you are, true well-being is not only possible but your birth-right.


Modern living can be stressful, making health and happiness feel impossible. I am here to tell you that's not true - all you need is the road map! Time and time again I have seen the tools of Ayurveda applied (even as small steps every day) resulting in profound, positive change in mind, body and soul.

I am passionate about empowering others with the knowledge and tools of personalised self-care, nutrition and mindfulness to help you truly discover what it means to be happy, healthy and in control!"

Faith Warner, 2020

How Ayurveda and I first met...


I found Ayurveda (or rather it found me) by random chance in 2007. After several failed attempts at finding my calling, a year wasted on a degree I hated, no job and an increasingly depressive state, I was getting desperate. I decided to go back to the drawing board and, after much searching, I found a degree in Ayurveda. Back then, Ayurveda wasn't something anyone had even heard of so I was quite sceptical but I had always found holistic healing interesting and Ayurveda intrigued me. Amazingly, after more research I realised it was pretty incredible stuff - unlike other complementary therapies, Ayurveda isn't just individual therapy but is an entire holistic systemic of living and healing  my mind was literally, blown.  So, I made a decision and I signed up for a 4 year degree at Middlesex University, moving home and city to pursue a gut feeling.

Seriously, my life has not been the same since


Since then, I have studied and practised Ayurveda and the journey has been nothing short of incredible. I have had the opportunity to see ancient healing principles come to life in modern practice by leading experts in the field, both in India and in the UK. The philosophies and benefits of Ayurveda are timeless and, most likely, the greatest gift to mankind. During my studies (particularly in India) I saw the most unbelievable things including the "incurable" be cured, those who were told they would be paralysed for life, not only walk again but RUN and those with so little quality of life back on top. It filled me with awe and purpose!




Discovering Health The Holistic Way

Since first discovering Ayurveda, my knowledge and love of this incredible science has just kept on growing - I am always discovered new depths. Most profoundly though, I have learnt to apply principles to my own daily life and, in doing so, every day I feel like a better version of myself. Over time, I have noticed that many of the ailments I suffered from regularly, before discovering Ayurveda, have either been completely cured or greatly improved through Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Diet changes, and use of Ayurvedic herbs, including:


  1. weight gain

  2. digestive issues

  3. ​joint pain

  4. insomnia

  5. anxiety

  6. low energy

  7. low mood

  8. asthma


Through practising Ayurveda over the last decade I feel I understand my mind, body and energy better and can make better choices for my individual health. I am no longer dependant on pain medication, antibiotics, sleeping tablets or any other chemicals which used to give 'symptomatic relief' but often at great cost.

I now am able to target the underlying cause of most ill health and self-manage or even prevent symptoms. It's truly empowering!

Working with patients in Ayurvedic clinics, in hospitals in India and with my own clients in London (and having had Ayurveda treatment myself), I have seen Ayurveda change so many lives, in ways similar to my own and more. As a completely in-exhaustive science, spanning thousands of years, Ayurveda offers insights into every aspect of being, meaning there is literally something for everyone. And, as I learn more, I realise so much of what Ayurveda talks about actually blends seamlessly with science, both current and emerging. It's like science is proving what Ayurvedic Vaidyas have talked about for 5,000 years!


Since experiencing its benefits first hand, in loved ones and in patients struggling with chronic conditions, sharing Ayurveda has now become my greatest passion. I feel that every person has a right to know the ancient science of life, to be empowered to know themselves and feel the best they can feel. I feel it is my duty (dharma) to share its incredible wisdom as widely and enthusiastically as possible.


So come friend...your journey is just beginning...let me show you an incredible new world.....



Where ancient healing principles meet modern life


Seeing is believing: Ayurveda in India and thE UK

Grad 2.jpg

Professional Qualifications and Roles


After completing 4 years of Ayurvedic and Allopathic medical training, 1000 clinical hours and 3 months of internships in India, I qualified from Middlesex University in 2016 with a First Class honours Integrated BSc and Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine. Professionally, I am registered to practice with Holistic Services Insurance and am a registered Ayurvedic practitioner holding full membership status with the Ayurvedic Professionals Association.


With a passion for Health Education between, 2015 and 2020 I worked for the NHS as an Education Programme Manager and qualified with PG Cert in Health and Medical Education.


Between 2018 and 2020, I was involved with the Ayurvedic Professionals Association as an Executive Committee Board member providing advice and support in the the planning and delivery of APA events, in growing the vision for Ayurveda in the UK and in the development of the Ayurvedic Community.

I am also a paying member of College of Medicine, an organisation founded by medical professionals to advocate for integrative health services. 


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"No matter where you want to go...​as long as you follow your path with Faith, dedication and hard work, you are going to get there"

Russel Simmons

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