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(VPK) Tridoshic

Digestive Lassi

Agni-boosting, micro-biome enhancing spicy Lassi - the ideal post-meal digestive for a happy tummy.

(VPK) Tridoshic

Faith's Creamy Vegan Chai

Who said chai can't be vegan? Get your spicy tea fix with our new vegan recipe! Combining warming spices, caffeine-free tea and a lush mix of soy and oat milks this tea is the perfect way to start the day or, as its caffeine free, maybe end it!

(VPK) Tridoshic

Traditional Indian Chai

Where's the Chai walla (purveyor of Chai) oh wait, it's you! Take yourself back to India or visit with your kitchen using our traditional India Chai recipe!

Image by Tiago Rosado

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