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Goats cheese salad. A perfect meal for pitta dosha as recommended by Ayurvedic Practitioner and Holistic Chef Faith Warner from AyurLife UK

Ayurvedic Diet & Recipes

for Pitta


Foods to calm and cool

As Pitta is light, hot and unctuous, foods which soothe are those with heavy and cooling properties. Earthy or leafy foods, such as cooked and

uncooked salad/ fresh green vegetables, are perfect when enjoyed with a side of grains (such as rice and wheat) and either dairy, white meats,

white fish, pulses or lentils. Think fresh, clean, sweet and green.

Enjoy the Sweet, Bitter and Astringent - Leave the Sour, Salt and Pungent

As the pitta digestion is hot light and sharp, there is a tendency for pitta types to experience excess hunger, low blood-sugar, burning sensations and loose motions. This is more common when the diet is not harmonious with pittas fiery nature and even more so in summer. Cooling food tastes such sweet, bitter and astringent pacify heat, moderating appetite and metabolism to a more regular rhythm. Bitter and astringent tasting foods, being primarily alkaline benefit the body by: reducing acid production, soothing burning sensations and frequent bathroom visits; inhibiting process which caused chronic inflammation; stimulating the liver to encourage more efficient cleaning of the blood (the seat of the pitta) and reduce leaky gut. Heavier, sweet tasting food such as carbohydrates provide much needed sustenance feeding the fire of the pittas intense agni. Heating, sour, salty and pungent foods such as citrus, chill, fried food and pickles should be avoided as much as possible. Sweet, bitter and astringent spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamom and fennel provide also incredible support digestion, liver and other vital organs (CCF tea anyone?).

Know your fats and lets get drizzling


As the heating nature of pitta can create dryness in the body, adding natural oils to the diet can be boon for health (when used correctly). Sadly, we are not talking about loading up on greasy foods which been deep fried in cheap oils - in fact eating these any more than occasionally can have some seriously uncomfortable side effects for pitta types including heart burn, diarrhoea and mood swings. No, we are talking about soothing the soul and the stomach with natural organic cold pressed oils such as these are much sweeter and cooler than other oils. Foods should be predominantly steamed, poached or grilled, with oil added at the end. BUT if you must fry, let it be with ghee or coconut oil. For salads, oils as extra virgin olive oil, sweet nut oils and avocado oil are a nectar. Make the swap today!

Regular chilled

To keep the pitta agni burning and prevent low blood sugar/energy dips (or, god forbid, you getting HANGRY) Ayurveda recommends that pitta types enjoy moderate sized-meals every 3-5 hours, dependant on hunger. Meals should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace and in a calm and stress free-environment if passionate pittas want their foods to be digested well. Avoid too much acidic tea and coffee with food also and enjoy small sips of tepid water or herbal tea instead to support digestion (fennel and coriander are great!).

Pitta Reducing

Clean Beets N Greens Kitchari

Beets 'n' Greens keep you fresh and clean! Struggling with Acne? Skin rashes? Volcanic eruptions of emotions? Or excess weight and digestive issues! It sounds like you could do with a gut and liver cleanse! What better (and more delicious) way to promote natural cleansing than with Faith's Beet n Greens Kitchari. Perfect all year round but is absolutely QUEEN come Spring Cleanse season.

Pitta balancing

Traditional Indian Chai

Where's the Chai walla (purveyor of Chai) oh wait, it's you! Take yourself back to India or visit with your kitchen using our traditional India Chai recipe!

Pitta Balancing

All-Seasons Simple Tridoshic Kitchari

Ayurveda's ultimate healing food - kitchari - also known as a hug in a bowl is a soothing combination of soft mung dhal and rice mixed with digestive spices, vegetables and healthy fats. Kitchari is delicious, easy to digest, suitable for for all dosha, low in calorie, high in fibre, Agni strengthening and gut cleansing.

Pitta balancing

Creamy and Fragrant Rice Porridge

In Ayurveda, rice is considered a nectar. It's simple, sweet, nourishing yet easy to digest! This is such a simple and delicious meal (or snack) that can be eaten on its own or with a side at any time of day. As it's such a speedy meal, we highly recommend enjoying for breakfast as an alternative to porridge!

Pitta balancing

Faith's Creamy Vegan Chai

Who said chai can't be vegan? Get your spicy tea fix with our new vegan recipe! Combining warming spices, caffeine-free tea and a lush mix of soy and oat milks this tea is the perfect way to start the day or, as its caffeine free, maybe end it!

Pitta reducing

Kheer - Sweet Rice Porridge

Kheer (meaning milk in Persian), or Indian rice pudding, is a popular yet simple dessert made of milk, rice, cardamom and sweet ingredients such as dates or raisins. Kheer can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to contemporary desserts or can even be enjoyed as breakfast in Autumn to nourish and soothe Vata, aid sleep and soothe dry skin.

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