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Ayurveda and Ayurlife

Why we are here for you

Modern life is hard work

At AyurLife, we understand that modern life can be really hard work sometimes. Globalised, contemporary living is fast-paced, complex and highly competitive. Our planet is overpopulated,  polluted and prodigious.  Trying to survive (let alone thrive!) in tomorrow's world can often mean long working hours, overflowing inboxes, too little sleep, minimal exercise, poor nutrition and sensory overload; all of which can take a huge toll on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


At times we can feel disconnected, depressed and anxious; we can struggle to sleep or feel at peace and our blood pressure, blood sugar and waistlines are out of control.


In the race of life, we have lost the ability to stop and listen, to find our balance and
to restore our rhythm.

We know, from our own experiences, how easy it can be to get swept away with the tide of modern living (facebook and ice-cream are hard to put down) and we know all too well the pains that come with not honouring our own nature (IBS anyone?).

But we also know, through experience, that there is a better way - a way to restore lost balance, through the time tested wisdom of Ayurveda. Being, over 5,000 years old, Ayurveda is the oldest living healthcare system known to man. It has wisdom on every stage of life and how to maximise each of them through personalised diet, lifestyle, herbs and therapies so you can always be your best.
After many years of study and application, both in our own lives and in the service of others, we have seen how Ayurveda can transform well-being. We want to help you do the same. Working with us we will show you how to apply these ancient healing principles to modern living, translating the beautiful (if complex) healing principles into advice that fits your life today.
It is our mission to empower you with the knowledge to understand yourself truly so that making the right choices for you, in your life, as it is, becomes effortless.
More information about how you can start your journey with us in 2022 coming soon....
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Sounding familiar? Don't worry we have your back....



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