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Conscious Cooking this Christmas with Fa

Join me in this kitchen this Christmas!

Join Ayurvedic Practitioner, Health Educator and Holistic Chef Faith Warner in the kitchen this Christmas as she discusses the Ayurvedic approach to cooking and eating consciously - with a festive twist!

During the course you will learn how to:

- Embrace the art of conscious cooking, discovering how to cook with your gut so you can create fresh, beautiful meals that your body really craves and experience total mind-body wellness not just for Christmas but well into 2021!

- Boost your Agni/digestive fire and learn how to prevent AMA (toxic accumulation) over the festive period through the use of digestive herbs and spices

- Choose the perfect Christmas dinner ingredients by dosha including the best meats, roasts, vegetables and accompaniments for all your families needs

- Ramp up the flavour of your cooking using the Ayurvedic art of flavour balancing guaranteeing that your much missed family and friends will be satisfied like never before and blown away by your cooking skills!

Now is the time!

With the new Covid-19 restrictions in place it's looking like mixing with mates for merry meals is off the menu. So, why not bring cooking back to where it belongs this winter - your very own kitchen, the heart of the home - where conscious cooking and heavenly herbs reign to bring beautiful, bountiful, festive flavours and radiant well-being that will fight off even THESE winter blues.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly. No equipment required - but feel free to bring a pen, paper and your best Christmas Apron!

Mmmmm, can you smell that Rudolph, it seems like cinnamon and wisdom....

Or, start from the beginning...

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