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Ayurveda Research

Ayurvedic Principles

Image by Tyler Lastovich
Tridosha (3 Bio-Elements)
Image by Alicia Petresc
Agni and Ama (digestion)
Image by Annie Spratt
Dhatu/Srotas (Tissues/channels)
Image by David Matos
Manas (Mind)
Back Massage
Body/Senses (Sharira)
Image by Casey Horner
Atman (Soul)
Image by Natalia Figueredo
Prana/Ojas/Tejas (energies)
Image by Jamie Matociños
Nidana (Cause of diseases)
Image by Arek Adeoye
Swasthavrrta (Disease prevention)

The benefits of Ayurvedic Regimens

Image by Louis Hansel
Ahara (Diet/Food)
Vihara/Swapna (Lifestyle/Sleep)
Image by Form
Vyayama (Exercise)
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Dinacharya (Daily Routine)
Image by Chris Lawton
Rtucharya (Seasonal Routine)
Image by Osha Key
Rasayana (Anti-ageing)

The benefits of Ayurvedic therapies

Image by alan caishan
Abhyanga (Massage)
Reiki Treatment
Shirodhara (Head oil pouring)
Image by Roberta Sorge
Basti (Oil soaking)
Image by Alla Hetman
Upvasa (Fasting)
Image by Hans Reniers
Swedana (sweat therapy)
Massage Salts
Uthuartana (dry massage)
Image by Tim Mossholder
Virechana (Purgation Therapy)
Image by Antonika Chanel
Nasya (Nasal Purgation Therapy)
Image by Katherine Hanlon
Basti (Therapeutic Enema)

Ayurveda by Disease - coming soon!

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